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TheLocalize is able to provide qualified linguists at all clearance levels in over 85 languages and dialects. Our linguists’ experience ranges from language and cultural training to translation and interpretation, from analysis to curriculum development and role playing. TheLocalize recruits and selects the best qualified linguists for an assignment based on each client’s specifications.

TheLocalize linguists are capable of unequivocally meeting all client requirements, and they will adapt quickly to a variety of situations in order to support the client’s mission. TheLocalize recruiting and training efforts are continuous to ensure readiness to respond to both new task orders and new developments in existing programs. TheLocalize currently maintains a wide range of qualified and vetted linguists, and new linguists are vetted and added to the pool on a weekly basis. Overseeing this pool of pre-screened candidates is a well-defined management structure with clear areas of responsibility to ensure smooth administration and rigorous quality control of all programs.

TheLocalize linguists provide expert support in the following areas:

  • Interpretation
  • Translation
  • Document Exploitation
  • Gisting
  • Analysis
  • Subject Matter Experts/Technical Expertise
  • Language Instruction
  • Role Players

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